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Are Surya Kumar Yadav and Bumrah going….. in Upcoming Cricket World Cup?

World Cup

In a recent interview, West Indies cricketer, a great entertainer on the cricket ground, and unpredictable player- Chris Gayle unveiled very interesting facts about who is best for the cricket World Cup from the Indian side.

Indian Cricket TeamHe did not pick up Rohit Sharma or Virat Kohli, it is the two very fantastic, 360-degree player, stump breaker, from Chris Gayle’s point of view who is going to be very instrumental in the upcoming tournament of the cricket world cup. That two guys are Surya Kumar Yadav (SKY) and Jasmit Bumrah.

However, in the recent past, SKY has not been very instrumental in contributing to the scoreboard, but he has a great potential to change the direction of unpredictable games in one direction. Jasmit Bumrah has been away from the ground for around one year due to injury.

We believe in the same line of Chris Gayle and want see World cup trophy in hand of Indian team.

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