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FIFA Women’s World Cup-2023 I England Vs Spain.

FIFA Women's World Cup

You may watch the final FIFA Women’s World Cup-2023 between England and Spain by clicking the link here. It is going to be live today at 3:30 PM .

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In the ongoing Football Women’s World Cup, England, and Spain made the way to the final and gearing up for the final which is scheduled for 20.08.2023.

Since 1995, both the England and Spain football teams have experienced various ups and downs in their performance in many tournaments on the international stage. Here you will see a general overview of their performances:

England in FIFA Women’s World Cup:

The England Women’s Team has participated in tournaments such as UEFA European Championship and has been a very instrumental team.

England’s team has been striving since 1995 to make the position final spot of the World Cup, but they got disappointments several times and could not be a finalist.

In the FIFA World Cup in 2018, they reached the semi-final.

A brief of their performance is as below:

Sl. No.FIFA Women’s World CupYearPerformance
119951995Quarterfinals (Eliminated by Germany)
219991999Quarterfinals (Eliminated by United States)
320032003Quarterfinals (Eliminated by United States)
420072007Group Stage Elimination
520112011Quarterfinals (Eliminated by France)
620152015Semi-finals (Finished 3rd, Defeated Germany)
720192019Semi-finals (Finished 4th, Defeated by USA)
820232023Final against Spain

Spain in FIFA Women’s World Cup:

Spain Women’s Football Team astonished not only the spectators but also the top-seeded team in the tournaments of the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup with their phenomenal performance.

since 1995, Spain Women’s football team has not been successful in many tournaments whether Local or international tournaments of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. But FIFA Women’s World Cup seems to be very interesting for the team Spain so far.

Sl. No.Spain Vs TeamScoreMatches
1Spain Vs Costa Rica3-0Group Stage
2Spain Vs Zambia5-0Group Stage
3Spain Vs Japan0-4Group Stage
4Spain Vs Switzerland1-5Round 16
5Spain Vs Netherland2-1Quarter-Final
6Spain Vs Sweden2-1Semi-Final
7Spain Vs EnglandFinal

A brief overview of their performance FIFA Women’s World Cup for last 8th tournament of FIFA is available below:

Sl. No.FIFA Women’s World CupYearPerformance
119951995Did not qualify
219991999Did not qualify
320032003Did not qualify
420072007Group Stage Elimination
520112011Group Stage Elimination
620152015Round of 16 (Eliminated by South Korea)
720192019Round of 16 (Eliminated by USA)
820232023Final against England

Though, Spain’s emphasis on nurturing technically skilled players and maintaining a strong team identity has ensured a consistent presence among the top teams in the world.

Both the England and Spain national football teams have exhibited their strengths and faced challenges in the decades since 1995. While England has aimed to solidify its reputation on the international stage, Spain has managed to achieve sustained success by implementing a unique playing style and fostering a generation of gifted players.

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