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Hamas Attacked Israel, Israel-Gaza Conflict ,2023

Israel-Gaza Conflict

The attack and infiltration sparked the Israel-Gaza conflict again and brought the area into war. A very coordinated and extensive infiltration was made by the Hamas militant group in southern Israel and around 5,000 rockets were launched by the militant group Hamas over various locations in Israel.

Infiltration and Attack by Hamas Militant Group Israel-Gaza Conflict:

In the attack, as reported by the emergency medical group of Israel, around 100 people were reported to be killed and thousands were left injured. Hamas militant group infiltrated many Israeli army bases and towns and kidnapped many civilians and soldiers.

The Militant group Hamas revived the Palestine-Israel conflict by launching “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” in the early morning of 07.10.2023 and fired nearly 5,000 rockets within 20 minutes of the first strike.

Israel-Gaza Conflict ,2023
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Israeli PM on Recent Israel-Gaza Conflict:

This led the Israeli Prime Minister- Benjamin Netanyahu to declare a state of war against Hamas and stated that Hamas would have to pay a heavy price for their activity against Israel. Further, he said that it is not an escalation or an operation, it is a war.

In retaliation of the Israeli military, at least 198 Palestinians are reported to have been killed so far in Airstrikes or during the gun battle.

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