A share double the investor’s money in a year? 2023


Ujjivan Finance small bank share was trading at around Rs. 14 in July 2022 and touched the mark of Rs 41 in July 2023 within a year with the improvement of bank performance such increase in revenue & profits and overall balance sheet, it attracted the attention of investors. It means if someone had invested in a share of the said bank with an amount of Rs 1,00,000.00 then it will be turned to be an amount of R 2,00,000.00 in a year. It is very easy to understand though below-given chart of the share price with time:  @https://www.nseindia.com/get-quotes/equity?symbol=UJJIVANSFB

Key indicators and Share holding pattern of the Ujjivan Small Finance Bank:

Various import and significant ratios that are used in measuring the performance of share such as the P/E ratio, P/B, ROE and ROCE etc. These indicators are taken into consideration while making decision for investment. The said key indicators are presented in below:

Promoters of the bank are majority shares holders around 74% and retail and others are the second highest holders of the shares.

Profit and Loss

Bank had declared a profit of ~ Rs. 350 crores in 2020 , ~Rs 8.30 crores in 2021 and a loss of ~Rs 414.59 crores in 2022. however year 2023has been very effective and significant for sustainability of the bank with trace of past performance and Ujjivan Small Finance Bank put up all the effort and finally brought happiness on face of their stack holder and declare a profit of ~Rs 1099.92. The profit and loss detail can be seen in below given bar graph:

Lucrative interest rate 7.5% on FD.

With increased rapo rate by RBI, many bank be scheduled commercial bank or small fin bank, have increased interest rate to Impex the savings of customers. Following the same streak, Ujjivan small finance bank has offered a interest rate of 7.5%.

Ujjivan Small Finance Bank share in 2023

Which is highest among small finance banks, this bank offers very lucrative and the best interest rates.

Credit for Images @upstox and @moneycontrol.com

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