BMW New bike launched -2023

For sports bike lovers BMW has launched two new bike variants M 1000 R standard and the M 1000 R competition. Both variants are equipped with Disc Brakes, Alloy Wheels, and an anti-locking braking system. These two variants are available in India.

The look of these sports bikes is stunning, very attractive, and lucrative. However, the price for middle-class Indians is not in the range of affordability. The Avg. Ex-Showroom prices for M 1000 R Standard and M 1000 R Competition are ₹ 33,00,000 and ₹ 38,00,000 respectively.

BMW New Bike

Specifications of these new bike:

If we look at the specifications of these new bikes are as follows

Engine Capacity999 c c
Mileage –ARAI15.6 kmpl
Transmission6 Speed Manual
Fuel Tank Capacity16.5 litres
Max Power206.5 bhp
Top Speed280 Kmph

What will happen if I ride my new bike at a faster speed before its first service?

Theoretically, driving a new bike at a higher speed before the first service is not going to affect your bike engine. But when we take the practical scenario higher speed may have some impact on the new bike engine.

The main reason why manufacturers generally advise not to drive a new bike at a higher speed during the first 500- 800kms, is that all the components of the engine of a new bike are newly fitted; they are not exposed to the strain and stress conditions developed during high-speed driving and any sudden changes in the said conditions for the bike’s parts may lead to early failure.

Riding long distances before the first service of a bike could harm your engine and components due to high heat and stress.

Hence, one must expose the parts of a new bike to the gradually increasing stress and strain conditions. This is possible only when the bike is drown at optimum speed before first service and engine components would be exposed to and used for all kinds of tortures. Subsequently, it will improve the smoothness and efficiency of the bike.

FAQs for the New Bike:

Why is the first bike service important?

Engine oil if left unchanged for a longer period, will lead to the development of corrosive acids, and a newly manufactured engine may leave fine pieces of metal particles that may grind off the interior of the engine. Hence, the 1st serve must be done within a specified period.

What should be the maximum speed of bike before first service?

The optimum average speed recommended for driving is 60-80 km/h for riding a new bike before the first service. This speed is found to be good for maintaining a vehicle’s health and improving performance.

How do you ride a bike before the first service?

To get better efficiency of the engine, an optimum speed must be maintained before the first service as suggested by many manufacture.

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